From: (Edo Andromedo)
Date: 9/26/1996 7:09 AM

Subject: Re: Siblings

Erin wrote:
I believe Chance has a sister in Ryan's "Midnight Magic" series.

And, DJ, you're stories are NEVER difficult to read - difficult to
stop reading, maybe, but never difficult to read.

Cause if I do stop, I will probably forgot which part of the story that I
had already read. You stories are big, but they are good, DJ, please do
write a lot of them.

Subject: Kris Clawson, do you remember?

I'm quite suprise that nobody here mention Melissa's fanfic character is
Jake's niece in her SK fanfic story.

Subject: Re: Kat stuff, various (listmail replies)

       [Kats] probably lick their wounds too although I really can't
       picture Jake and Chance giving each other tongue baths!

Er, the kats already got a good plumbing system, besides licking yourself
for having a bath isn't very practical if you're anthromorphic, why not use
the shower?

I'd say that's a bit extreme, too...  but licking wounds isn't something
just limited to Kats.

I do it all the time, when ever my cats scratch me.

Saliva helps a bit as an emergency painkiller,
such as if you cut your finger.

Yeah, although that it is still hurts though.

Edo:    BTW, in "The Wrath of Dark Kat", Dark Kat says that he gonna
       destroy the new Enforcer building, if that is the new one,
       where is the old one?

I don't think we ever know about the old one because the whole scenario
is a flashback to begin with.

Well, half of them anyway, I'n glad that they didn't show the whole episode
as a flashback

More than likely the old Enforcer building
was either in a different part of the city (smaller office, maybe?) or
was where the new one is (the old one was torn down or remodeled, and
the Enforcers may have been temporarily displaced during that time).

Or maybe that IS the new Enforcer building. The building for the newly
constructed force, made from the combination of navy, army, airforces, and

       I guess that the reason Feral hate the SWAT Kats is because
       that they are doing HIS jobs.

Not just that, but frequently they manage to succeed where the Enforcers
fail.  As Molly Mange so aptly put it, "those two fighter jocks make
[Feral] look stupid at least once a week!"

Yeah, it's really embarasing seeing someone else doing the jobs that you
were suppose to be doing.

       How does someone (re)build a TurboKat?

Given the technology level in Megakat City plus the amount of military
salvage available to Jake and Chance, building (and rebuilding)
something like the Turbokat probably isn't very difficult -- time-
consuming, perhaps, but not difficult.

Fixing an aircraft is possible , but building a whole aircraft? Do the kats
throw away all of their good stuff into the junkyard? Do they ever think
maybe that someone could pick it out and build a weapon out of it?

packrat:  Er, does this mean cross-overs aren't allowed?

packrat didn't wrote that line, it was me.

anything involving the Kats, even if you mix in anything else,
is more than on-topic.

Okay, is MC. PD also included in the on-topic stuff?

Subject: Re: Bad to the bone, bones for ears?

The dead kats that the Pastmaster revives in "The Pastmaster Always Ring
Twice" have bones for ears, the Red Lynx himself has bones for his ears.,
even the skeletons in "Caverns of Horror" have bones for ears.

 Exactly. There is the problem that the artists don't want to
show human skulls, since everybody is supposed to be a kat.

Of course since that DJ mention that Dr. Sinian is probably have a very cat
face, I guess that her skeleton is different from the other kats. DJ! Could
you draw us a kat skeleton?

at the relatively low resolution of this show, there isn't much difference
between a Kat face and a human one if you delete the fur and the ears.

Kats were designed to be as close to humans as possible.

Hmmm, I wonder if Felina can be ambassador representing the kats to our
world if she remove her ears and tail (so that she can look like humans)?

So they leave the ears on for skeletons. I can see the reasoning they used.

Well, if they didn't got tail, they could be humans!

ID$ vs When Strikes Mutilor?

It was design to entertain the viewers, not to give them some complex plot
that will probably take five years to finish it. The same also goes for
"When Strikes Mutilor", only that it was given 23 minutes.

"Mutilor" _did_ manage to fit in a more believable story in only 23

What do you mean by "believable"?

If they managed to do it, why couldn't a big-budget film at least _try_?

Ever seen a situation where the big guy who have a lot of resources got out
beaten by the little guy who have only just a little resources?

Subject: Re: Swat Kats World

BTW, in "The Wrath of Dark Kat", Dark Kat says that he gonna destroy the
new Enforcer building, if that is the new one, where is the old one?

Perhaps it got stepped on by KatZillia the previous month?

If it did, the workers in MegaKat City are sure fast by building another
one in the next month.

Even if nothing happened to it, then maybe the old one was simply to
small/too old/the AC didn't work right/whatever.

Well, the new one that Jake and Chance's plane crashed to is surely no
small building.

BTW, if the new Enforcer building was under construction, where did the
guys take-off, is it the airport? If it is, military or civil?

The new one is
equipped with a runway and hangar on the roof, maybe a lack of such
facilities was a problem with the old one.

The new Enforcer building seem to be very high. How high is the Enforcer
building anyway? The thing look like that it would take a long time to
build it.

But Dark Kat could be working WITH somebody, somebody who has the same
purpose just like him.

 And, as per usuall supervillian conduct, each is planning on backstabbing
the other when they're no longer useful.  :-)

Creeplings backstabbing Dark Kat? Hmmm.... Interesting.

Note: Is it just me or the PumaDyne's scientist really says earthquake?

Actually, "Earthquake" _is_ a term used by NASA for describing seismic
tremors on other planets or the Moon.  They're not going to tounge-tie
themselves with "Moonquake", "Marsquake", "Europaquake", etc.

Yeah, but isn't the word "earthquake" comes from "Earth" and "quake"? Of
course if the word "earthquake" could means something else, I guess that
the earth in earthquake isn't necesary means Earth.

But the thing that I don't want to see or hear or read or feel is a
terraquake, I'm a little bit affraid if that happen.

Maybe because Manx doesn't want another aircraft named the Blue Manx cause
trouble to the city again, it could be a bad thing for the election.

 If a plane is sucessful, and _that's_ the only thing wrong with it,
then the company that built it is not gonna let a name problem stand in
the way of a multibillion-dollar military contract.

But remember, Manx is the one who give the dollars to fund for the Blue Manx.

They spent ungodly
amounts of money in R&D to build the darned thing.  Give it a different
name and a different paint job and sell it to them in six months.

Well, I kinda don't like on how the Blue Manx was shaped, it look kinda
chubby and fat.

Although interestingly, it has an automatic attack mode, does Razor
programmed the mode or is it a part of the Macrobots programs?

 Dosen't look like he had time, and such things dosen't seem to be the
way the SWAT Kats operate- we've never seen the TurboKat or the
Cyclotron attack by themselves.

Now if they got A.I., the guys can told them to fetch the bad guys.

"TurboKat, fetch!"

On the other hand, Hackle _is_ an expert at building robots capable of
independent operation (Just take the Metalikats, for example),

The Metallikats OS are gangster.

And Cybertron OS is kinda simple (but remarkable), of course if we compare
Cybertron to our present robots, Cybertron is a mega long way from them.

BTW, why did Hackle says that it would take years to fix Cybertron?

and the MacroBots were built on his designs.

With some modifications of course.

Chances are, the original version had an "Automatic Explore
Mode", "Automatic Return-to-Ship Mode" or some such similar peaceful

Or maybe the "Automatic Attack mode" is a mode use incase if there is a
nasty alien ready to attack the explorer. Hey, it could happen you know. :)

but PumaDyne changed it when they turned them into weapons systems.

Maybe it can be voice command (the Metallikats use some sort of microphone
when they are controlling the Macrobots), could it be that you can program
macros to the Macrobots?

"Macrobot, attack!"

Maybe because that the Macrobots could be a failed invention, the bots were
design for space exploration, but PumaDyne tweaked them so that it will be
a mobile suit tank.

The thing is, there was nothing "failed" about them.

Besides being a space exploration machine.

PumaDyne built them as walking tanks.
Irregardless of what Hackle had _wanted_ them to be,
they proved that they were very *good* walking tanks.

They're good as tanks, but lousy as felines.

In minutes, they
sucessfully defeated the SWAT Kats.  Feral's been trying for _years_ to
build a tank or plane capable of that.

But PumaDyne didn't give the Macrobots to Feral, could it be that PumaDyne
was planning something else for those Macrobots?

If Molly hadn't stupidly left
the top hatch open on hers, they likely would have won,

I don't think that Molly ever noticed that the top hatch was open, she was
too busy with her new body.

the TurboKat couldn't even scratch their paint.

Did it even had paint?

Maybe in the original design, it could land on its four feet (to land on
the surface of other planets)

 A good point, as an exploration unit would be intended to climb
mountains on other planets with different gravities, in far-off regions
where there is no chance of rescue in case of an accident.  It's certainly
possible that the original design had jump-rockets or flight thrusters,
something that PumaDyne decided wasn't necessary in the new mission of
"walking engine of destruction".

Crud, and it would make a good mecha if they do that. Imagine a sleek and
fast robot feline, walking with a speed comparable to a sport car, can jump
and fly far far away. They will probably make more destruction if they make
it that way.

The military version is probably a lot heavier than the original,
too, with all that extra armor.

Super alloy, mega alloy, or agrosite?

Even if it had the original "land on feet" mode, it might have simply been
to heavy to do it anymore.

Yeah, they turn the thing into a regular Imperial Walker.

Subject: Re: Jake's relatives

Matt wrote:
Well, we know for sure that Jake & Chance didn't grow up together.  In
"Bright & Shiny Future", Chance tells Jake that "this is where I grew up"
when they were stopped at the newstand.  I'd imagine that since Chance was
reading "Kat Kommandoes", he was already old enough to read.

Er, when I was young, when I read comics, I usualy don't *read* them, I
just look at the pictures and ask my father to read them for me.

BTW, comics seem to be seen a lot in SWAT Kats, from the comic that was
read by the guards of MegaKat Biochemical to PumaDyne's guard. It is kinda
ironic to think that there is no SWAT Kats comic in publishing.

So, we can
figure Chance's age before he met Jake (if they in fact met before joining
the Enforcers).  He must have lived in that neighborhood until he was at
least 8 or 9 years old (in Terran years).

Well, comparing theim to human child.

Since that 9 Terran years in the kats world could be 18 Kats years there.

Subject: Re: UK type thing in the kats world?

BTW, is there an UK type thing in the kats planet?

Since Megakat City is very much like an American society,
you can't JUST consider "Is there a UK?"

UK as in United Kats?

There's other very big cultural influences that
makes America so unique from any other former British colony.

All (almost) of the world cultures got mixed in the USA.

Is there a Germany?

Hope so, I always wanted to hear kats with a german accent.

Is there an Ireland?

Well, the Animato article says that mayor Manx has a little bit of an Irish

Is there a France, or Nigeria, or Italy, or
Sweden, or Mexico, or Canada,

There have to be one! The Tremblay Bros are canadian, so I guess that they
should make the kats version of Canada.

or Cuba, or Hungary, or Haiti, or Poland, or
Slovakia, or India, or Korea, or the Philippines...I'll stop.

Please, do go on. I want to know if there is a place name Kucing in the
kats world.

cultural influence is so interlocked that it would only make sense to
describe Katworld as an almost total clone of earth.

There is maps in a couple of the episodes, there is a map of MegaKat bay in
"When Strikes Mutilor".

Take England for
example.  The way England is, it can't exist quite the way it is without a
history involving Wales, Normandy, Denmark, Ireland, and many other smaller

Where in the world is Megalith City? Is it in the same place as the MegaKat
we know or is it somewhere else?

And none of those include how individuals had had an influence
on history.

Ahhh... Ted Turner?

Subject: Re: SWAT Kats' Motorcycle

At 07:51 PM 09/25/96 -0600, HD wrote:
Is there a special name the SWAT Kats used for their motorcycle?

At 3:30 AM 9/26/96, mweb wrote:
You talking about the Cyclotron?

Hmm.. Actually, the Secret Files of the SK list it as a "missile"...

Well, it was fired from the TurboKat, and it did have a rocket booster in
its back before the thing was jettison.

Although that I wonder if the guys are crazy enough to ride a missile?

Subject: Re: SWAT Kats' Motorcycle (Cyclotron)

H@rd Drive asks:
    Is there a special name the SWAT Kats used for their motorcycle?

and mweb answers:
    You talking about the Cyclotron?

Actually, I think there are at least *two* different cycles the Kats
have used -- the Cyclotron, which can carry one or two passengers at a
time (likely varying according to the show's needs),

The question is, how do they know to choose which Cyclotron to carry?

and the Sandkat (used in "Chaos In Crystal" for desert travel).

And I think that Lance Falk was planning to write in the SnowKat into "Cold

A side comment about the cyclotron:  while it's launched from under
the Turbokat, it has a little ski-like spring that launches it back
into the jet (cf. "The Giant Bacteria")

Ala Speed Racer, just like what Melissa said to me on IRC.

if there's no ramp handy nearby...

Well, the ramp thing on "Razor's Edge" is just a thing that Razor have to
run into, I think that the standard jump device is that thing you mention