Subject: Re: SWAT Kats' Motorcycle
From: "Julian Ho" <>
Date: 9/26/1996 4:15 AM

Dana Uehara wrote:
Actually, I think there are at least *two* different cycles the Kats
have used -- the Cyclotron, which can carry one or two passengers at a
time (likely varying according to the show's needs), and the Sandkat
(used in "Chaos In Crystal" for desert travel).

My opinion is that the Cyclotron is supposed to be a compact
missle-motorcycle that has a telescopic "spine" which extends to carry 1 or
2 passengers. Every time the SWAT Kats use the Cyclotron, their seats sort
of carry them to the Cyclotron like an elevator.
A side comment about the cyclotron:  while it's launched from under
the Turbokat, it has a little ski-like spring that launches it back
into the jet (cf. "The Giant Bacteria") if there's no ramp handy

You've noticed that too? I'm glad someone actually saw it. ;-D

However, the animation sort of overlapped the cel containing the Cyclotron
so I'm glad it happened fast. Nobody will notice bad animation if it's


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