Subject: Re: Assorted furballs
From: Daniel Pawtowski
Date: 9/26/1996 8:14 PM

("From Razor With Love!")  and  (2) it's one of the few episodes where
someone (Warden Meese) is actually killed on-screen.  Others that I can
think of where on-screen deaths are implied:  "Katastrophe" (the two
security guards), "The Giant Bacteria" (Dr. Zyme), "Mutation City" (the
vagrant Kat in the alley)...

  There are others, although the show tries to be indirect about it.
Recall in "Giant Bacteria",  you get to see a shadow of the thing eating
a cow.  Then a farmer walks out, looks startled, and then the scene 
clips short.  That farmer was *eaten*.
  For that matter, there are multiple cases of Enforcer choppers 
exploding in mid-air when there's no way anybody could've gotten out of 
the vehicle alive.  For that matter, we see building explode or toppel
over all the time, and it's difficult to believe that every last one
of them was empty. Something the size of Dark Kat's Black Widow would
find it difficult to walk through a city without killing anybody if
it tried, and DK *wanted* to cause damage.

                                             Daniel Pawtowski