Subject: Assorted furballs
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 9/26/1996 6:36 PM

A few odds and ends (aka listmail replies, or furballs, take your pick):

DJ:  Two in particular that I hated, animation wise: the crystal one
     (haven't mentioned it in so long I don't remember the name) and
     "Enter the Madkat".

"Madkat" was okay.  Maybe I'm just partial to Litterbin.  ;-)
"Chaos in Crystal" was an okay episode, but they probably could have
done more with Shard than they did.  A couple of things to note (again?)
about "Chaos":  (1) the appearance and usage of the Plain Old Missile
("From Razor With Love!")  and  (2) it's one of the few episodes where
someone (Warden Meese) is actually killed on-screen.  Others that I can
think of where on-screen deaths are implied:  "Katastrophe" (the two
security guards), "The Giant Bacteria" (Dr. Zyme), "Mutation City" (the
vagrant Kat in the alley)...

     I imagine that the younger kats--toddler kittens, beneath speaking
     age--probably purr more often then adults, for no other reason than
     it seems to fit.

Perhaps it's akin to human infants babbling, a behavior that adult kats
could easily revert to if, say, they were in the mood for lovemaking or
something.  <grin>

Me:  Saliva helps a bit as an emergency painkiller.
Edo:  Yeah, although that it is still hurts.

I didn't say it helps a whole lot, but it does help somewhat.  Tho in
cats (and perhaps even Kats) it has more healing properties -- who
knows?  (Can any biologists or zoologists out there add to this one?)

Edo:  Yeah, it's really embarasing seeing someone else doing the jobs
      that you were suppose to be doing.

And knowing Feral's pride, he doesn't take humiliation lightly at all.
He'd probably like nothing better than to throw both kats in the slammer
and leave them there for the rest of their nine lives, but he knows
that he can't do it arbitrarily.  As far as pinning crimes on them,
the more serious ones, like robbing the city (cf. "Night of the Dark
Kat") stick like Teflon.

      Okay, is MC. PD also included in the on-topic stuff?

Grr.  Use common sense! 
Anything of and related to the Kats or their city is on-topic for the
list, because that's the type of discussion the list was *intended*
for.  In other words, the answer is *yes*.

      BTW, why did Hackle says that it would take years to fix

He may have been speaking figuratively, but the cybertron *was*
rather heavily damaged, having suffered a couple of direct hits and
being slammed against buildings several times, not to mention losing
an arm.  Plus, Hackle likely wanted to rebuild the thing *right*
rather than *quickly* -- and he's a rather old scientist, so his
reflexes have probably slowed down, too.  (Doc Konway, want to add
to this?  ;-)

Zax:  You forgot : "Stray Cats".

"Stray Cat Strut"?