Subject: Re:
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 9/25/1996 7:41 PM

Thank goodness for Mook's work on SK.
   You said it! Some of Hanho isn't what I'd even dare to label as *good*,
though "Cry Turmoil" was definitely his best work on the series (if anyone
tries to argue for "Mutation City" I'll scream my head off--even Davis
admitted that episode was rushed).
   Two in particular that I hated, animation wise: the crystal one (haven't
mentioned it in so long I don't remember the name) and "Enter the Madkat".
The Tremblays planned more Madkat, but when they saw the "roundness" (or
bubbly, as I like to put it) of it they hated it.
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