From: Ed Rudnicki
Date: 9/25/1996 11:12 AM

In other news, I caught an episode of Gargoyles last Saturday and noticed
that at least part of the animation was done by Hanho Heung-Up (possibly
inbetweener-type work).  If the Kats had been fully animated by Mook,
with some of the extra work sent out to HHU, who knows what the series
might have been like?  <shrug>

More like <shudder>. The "new" Gargoyles by HHU is sadly lacking in
quality vis a vis the old. Another change is that the animation is
produced by Nelvana rather than WDTVA. In the third ep Lexington was
_seriously_ off-color; that is, they used the wrong basic colors for
him. That sort of error shouldn't happen.

Thank goodness for Mook's work on SK.

Yep, I'm back :)