Subject: Re: Songs
From: Ed Rudnicki
Date: 9/25/1996 11:43 AM

At 04:31 PM 09/17/96 -0500, you wrote:
Are there any songs by any bands you've heard out there that remind you of 
the 'Kats or any eps? This seems to be a popular topic on a lot of my other 
groups, and frankly, we've never discussed it as long as I've been part of 
these group(s) and I'm curious to know...

How 'bout "Cat Scratch Fever" by Ted Nugent!

"I Can't Drive Fifty-five" while Razor's piloting the Cyclotron.

And of course, "Bad to the (T)Bone"!

Because of that Ferrari chase scene in "The Hidden", the song "On
Your Feet" by Shok Paris works for me in this regard. It's got the
same kind of energy that the "action" music in SK has. Needless to
say I _never_ play it while driving.... :)