Subject: Re: Jake's relatives
From: mweb
Date: 9/25/1996 8:28 PM

At 10:14 AM 09/22/96 -0700, Dana telepathically inscribed:
Actually, I've been inclined to think the opposite -- that he was either
an only child (only kat) or an orphan.  There's never been any mention
of either Chance or Jake's relatives in the series, so this is up for
debate (or the fanfic writers).

Well, we know for sure that Jake & Chance didn't grow up together.  In
"Bright & Shiny Future", Chance tells Jake that "this is where I grew up"
when they were stopped at the newstand.  I'd imagine that since Chance was
reading "Kat Kommandoes", he was already old enough to read.  So, we can
figure Chance's age before he met Jake (if they in fact met before joining
the Enforcers).  He must have lived in that neighborhood until he was at
least 8 or 9 years old (in Terran years).
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