Subject: Cat (and Kat) stuff
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 9/25/1996 6:01 PM

Looks like crossovers between house cats (Felis domesticus) and Kats
have more or less been the main topic of discussion on the list lately
(not that it's a bad thing, as it's certainly more than on topic).

Here's one piece of feline behavior that I've seen in house cats, which
is that if they're hungry they not only start meowing at you for food,
but will also sometimes purr.  I think we more or less covered the
absence of purring in SK in a few earlier posts, but can you imagine
adult Kats meowing to be fed?  Kittens would be easy, of course.  ;-)

(Incidentally, the closest I think I ever heard to a meow in the series
was in "Destructive Nature," when Razor attacks Doctor Viper on the 
roof of Megakat Towers.)

And one comment about purring, btw...  I either read or heard somewhere
that cats will purr when they want attention, meaning that a purring
cat doesn't necessarily mean that it's contented (cats will sometimes
purr if they're in extreme pain).

Any thoughts?

(BTW, there was no listmail that I know of that was sent yesterday, so
those of you on the digest needn't be alarmed.  ;-)

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