Subject: This Weeks Post From : You Know Who
From: Chris Tom Cimafranca
Date: 9/23/1996 7:19 AM

Okay, This Will Be My Only Post This Week, I Will Respond To It Over
	The Next Few Days, But Come Friday Sept 27th Thruogh Sunday
	September 29th, I Will Not Be Home, I Will Be At STAR CON
	(The Sci-Fi / Fantasy Convetion Here In Colorado) Over The
	Weekend Comming Up, (So Far This Is Off Topic, Wait For It)

	I'm Thinking Of Finding SWAT Kats Stuff While I'm There,
	Anyone Need Somthing They're Missing For Their Collection,
	Just Send Me A List And I'll See If I Can Find It For You !
	(Keep Your List Short, Cause I'm Low On Funds =( SIGH !)

	However, Because I Live Real Close To A K-Mart I Have A
	Reliable Sourse Of T-Bone & Razor Figures That I've Seen
	There On The Many Times I've Been There ! (YEA !) So I
	Can Pick Those Up At Anytime, So Ask Fur Them !

	The Game I'm Makeing Is Takeing Longer Than I Thought,
	(Damn Windows !) So Don't Hold Your Breath Fur It !
	While Klik & Play Is A Real Kewl Game Making Program,
	Windows 3.1 Has Limitations As Far As Resourses And
	Memory, Graphics, Colors, Etc, Etc, Etc !

	The War On Atlanta : The Sequel Has Reached The End Of
	Act One, So Far No Comments About How Good Or Bad It Is,
	Will Someone Please Inform Me If I Did Write Yourself
	Very Off Model, Because I Never Met Any Of You F2F !

	Other News, Someone I Talked To Said This About The Time -
	Warner/tURNER Merge : 'Warner May Take Everything H-B Has
	And Package It All For Syndication !' I Think This Is
	Good News, I Think, I'm Not To Shure If It's Good ?

	Well, That's The Post Fur This Week, From Now On I'll
	Do Just One Big, Huge Post A Week, And Respond To
	Questions About The Post, Answers That I Have, Etc !

	As Always - Chris T.(bone) Cimafranca
			     ^^^^ Don't Have Anything Punny To
					Put Here This Time !

This Sig Has A Head Kold This Time ! - NARF - !
SWAT Kats : The Radical Squadron : Kode Version 1.0 
CR/CT8 A++ D+ M++ P++ T W RLAT a t C++dw d++ e* f h i+++wk p* sm Zm 
- OR -
Dr. Shepherd : 'Maybe I Should Of Used Kats Instead ?' - Road Rovers