Subject: Re: swimming kats
From: chance
Date: 9/22/1996 6:41 AM

At 10:22 PM 9/21/96 -0700, Dana Uehara wrote:

Well, lessee...  Jake's definitely a strong swimmer, and Commander Feral
and his niece seem to possess *some* sort of swimming ability (they
haven't drowned when they've been thrown into water), so it stands to
reason that perhaps the Enforcers must include swimming as part of 
their training.  Still, that wouldn't explain why *Chance* can't swim,
unless he managed to marginally pass the Enforcers' swimming tests or
lied about his ability to swim when he joined.  <shrug>

Anyone want to add to this?

Yep.  As far as I know, when they do the "downed jet" escape drill, all
they're taught is how to escape the cockpit (partially or fully
submerged), and how to use the survival gear (inflatable vests, beacons,
survival rafts and so forth).  I don't think that traditional swimming
enters into it, so long as the above requirements are satisfied.

Many pilots during the Second World War and Korea couldn't swim either.