Subject: Re: The watcher and Katylon 5
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 9/21/1996 12:22 PM

  I'll send it when it's done. Did you send the word-wrapped versions to
him of COTS, Awake, and Reunion?

No, I thought that you already did?

   I don't have any word-wrapped copies; you never sent them to me. All of
mine need word wrapping. Could you send me/Jesus the word wrapped ones? Thanks.

BTW, how close is your never-ending fanfic (it seems) from being finished?

It getting worse! SWAT Kats Plus just got started in my head! And I haven't
even finished my first fanfic story!

   Keep trying! I need some fanfic from *somebody*, BAD! 
Dr. Jake Clawson
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