Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: Edo's contagious]
From: Pastmaster
Date: 9/21/1996 5:50 PM

You took the words outta my mouth! I'm saying that times two!

Oh yeah? I'm saying what you're saying plus infinity and one half!! :) 
Times two, foolish mortal!!!

I've got an excuse! Two of 'em! I was near Edo trying to show him what he's
throwing away, and the anti-SK extremist has been trying to brainwash me,
and she usually has great success. I CAN'T WIN!!!!!

She is the Dark Side!!!

She's my shrink so can it!

BAD JUJU!!!! BAD JUJU!!!! Umm try to brainwash her back..

I'd have to just plain brainwash her. She was always the unofficial anti-SK

uhh act crazy(ier??) and scare her.

I've known hor for over elevin years, so I think I CAN'T frighten her in the

I know.. this takes some cunning.. but pretend that you are brain

I need to know by who! I need a story a mile long to get anywhere in the
first place, then I need the story to be so long that is goes to the sun and
back to blow her away!

when she doesn't expect it.. get her in front of the TV (before she
comes over or something.. slip in your SK ep tape) and say:
Then grab her, do a half nelson (full if you want) and press play!! And
hold her for the whole ep..

I don't have THAT kind of ENDURANCE!!! She's got nails as sharp as a kat
would have, and yes, her claws HAVE drawn blood before!! Try again. Mabye I
could make a story that at first seems to be batman, but then does some
kinda kats thing that totally changes the story. Mabye I could dub one of my
fanfics and at the end... no. She sees my scemes a mile ahead of when I put
it into effect. What was funny was that she thought that Pumadyne was
something spellt backwards.

(do not try this if victim is so much stronger than you she/he can
squish you with his/her pinky finger..)

She can wrap anyone around her little finger! Try again! :( I swear I'm
stuck. I even dubbed Cry Turmoil into a batman fanfic, and she said she
liked the Batman story, but said that the SK theme sucked. <Sigh>

Advice to AJ and anyone else feeling like they might start to think the
show's dull: Watch lots and lots of SK eps.. NOW! THIS IS AN ORDER!

Good thing AJ says he'd like to do some art for the e-comic I'm doing..

=) I WANNA SEE! I may have the tED virus the worst out of anyone right now,
but I'm still crazed over the show!!

Should I make a new script, use one of Lance Falk's or use another

A new one! That way, I'd get to see something new!

BTW, Ryan are you letting me use your Robyn Alexander thing to
make a Robyn Alexander Dimension.. (guess what happens)

Robyn Alexander is a REAL person... friend to Kristin... (HEY! That's an
idea! Get all Kristin's friends into liking SK!!) You can use her name. It
isn't copywrighted or anything. And the theme... anything (within reason) to
help others. (i.e. SURE!)

Look what I found on the web!
Name: Ted Turner
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heh heh heh... heh heh heh..

I had a cow, by the name of Bullet, kiss tED on the nose! why? because the
cow looked JUST like him!
Esteban (Eh STAY bon) "friends to the anti-SK Extremist" Kelley
The unofficial SWAT Kat Extremist, Sailor Moon megafan, Anime fan.
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