Subject: Re: Uh oh
From: chance
Date: 9/20/1996 8:06 PM

At 08:43 PM 9/19/96 -0400, DJ Clawson wrote:

Anyway, I'd become familiar with his answering machine message. It was a
female voice, saying something like, "Answering Services for : Davis Doi."
That was it.

Yup. Victoria McCollum.  A very nice woman who's now thoroughly sick
of talking to fans, though she'll be the last to admit it.  I like her.
She had quite a rough ride after Kats was canned.

  Anyway, I called and this time got a message actually by *him* that went
like this : "Hi! This is Davis! Please leave a message because I'm too busy
staring out my window." (or something to that effect)
  I don't know if this is some kind of sign that he doesn't have any work
to do, which is a *bad* sign. Oh well. 

Well, not really.  Their "Jonny" stuff is in Post, and as any producer
will tell you, it's a helluva lot of work.  Davis is cool.  He'll call
you back.

(I *do* expect that there'll be layoffs announced soon - again - but
people like Davis and Lance are in short supply, and won't likely be
among them.  I expect the swath will be cut through duplicate management
levels and the like - something that could've occurred during the regime
of Ted with little consequence, save perhaps fewer runs on the Aspirin
bottle and an extra couple of mil in the "Kitty"...)