Subject: Re: The watcher and Katylon 5
From: (Edo Andromedo)
Date: 9/20/1996 6:39 AM

Dr. Jake Clawson wrote:
   If you mean "what are watcher files?"--well,  you just have to wait to
read the story.

Is it gonna be on JF's fanfic page?

BTW--I found someone for accented dialogue, and
as soon as she finishes I'll send it to Jesus/Terra/anyone who requests.

Well, since that you were planning to send to who request it, so I guess
that leave me out of the picture.

   Sorry. Never seen Babylon.

Well, you must definetly check it out if it's on your local TV station,
it's like watching a five year long movie in TV!

  Haven't had the chance yet (no pun intended)

Make one!

BTW, is there an UK type thing in the kats planet?

  Never discussed, but there is a Britian (and Scotland) in "The Watcher

Ahhh..... United Kats, I think that I'm gonna make O'Neill comes from there.

  O'Neill? Are we talking about seaQuest or unreleased-fanfic characters?

Er, this is a SK mailing list, so I guess that we are talking about some
unreleased-fanfic character. ;)