Subject: Re: Dr. Konway Needs To Find A Cure For This tED Virus !
From: "Raphael" <>
Date: 9/20/1996 2:51 PM

Pageing Dr. Konway, Pageing Dr. Konway

	We Have A Few People Here Ya Need To Cure,
	They Have A tED Virus Real Bad !

	If The Good Doctor Can't Cure 'Em Then I'll
	Take Some Drastic Measures !

<Very good parody song snipped>

Chris, if you're still working on the Wahh on Atlanta sequel, maybe 
you should include a segment where some of the Kat fans come down 
with the "tED" virus and the rest try to save them. (and it turns out 
to be a ploy by tED to distract us so we forget about the show!) <g>

"We're touched, so you be touched!"