Subject: odds and ends...
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 9/19/1996 3:37 PM

A few odds and ends on some listmail:

We've never seen the TurboKat or the Cyclotron attack by themselves.

Razor *has* programmed the Turbokat to at least be flown by remote
control, with his Glovatrix (cf. "Mutation City") and T-Bone can 
fire weapons from the Turbokat from his seat.  But you're right in
that neither has been able (or at least been *shown*) to fire weapons

Yeah... In the episode with the Blue Manx, the plane was christened
with a bottle of milk.

Milk-flavored champagne, maybe?  <shrug>

I'm sending a bunch of Mook eps to Warners just to show them what
it's all about.

I wonder how many of the Warner execs will be like those of us on here
who compared the Kats to Road Rovers when RR first came out? 

Adminstrata stuff (no, I'm not picking on anyone here) -- I start
a new job on Monday, so don't expect any listmail between the hours of
roughly 8 am to 6 pm Pacific.  (I send out listmail as soon as I
receive it and can get to it, which is why listmail appears to arrive
in spurts).  Digests won't be affected.

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