Subject: SWAT Kats Game For Windows !
From: Chris Tom Cimafranca
Date: 9/19/1996 7:31 AM

Okay, Has Anyone Ever Heard Of Klik & Play ? (For Info)
	If You Have, I've Got It ! 
	If You've Read The Wish List
	You've Seen My Request For A Windows
	Game Useing Klik & Play, Well I'm
	Gonna Try To Make It For Everyone !

	I'm Recoding Sounds Off Of Video Tapes,
	(Standard Lines From The Kats Stuff)
	I've Downloaded Some .avi Files Of The
	Show's Opening For Insperation For The
	Game's Opening, And You've Seen The
	Banner On My Main Kats Page, That Will
	Be Put Into The Game, Count On It !

	The Game, When It's Done, Will Be Put
	On My Site So You Can Download It Fur
	Free ! (Yes, It's Freeware !) I'll
	Call It 1.0 Untill I Get Better
	Ideas Form Everyone On Improvments !

	Chris T.(bone) Cimafranca
		 ^^^^ Whew ! Lots Of Typing !

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