Subject: Re: Songs
From: (Terra)
Date: 9/19/1996 2:18 PM

At 04:31 PM 9/17/96 -0500, Terra wrote:
All right, Terra's mind is goin' physco again...

Well, then I'm along for the ride.


Are there any songs by any bands you've heard out there that remind you of 
the 'Kats or any eps? This seems to be a popular topic on a lot of my other 
groups, and frankly, we've never discussed it as long as I've been part of 
these group(s) and I'm curious to know...

My local station has resuscitated a song from a couple of years
ago called "Love Cats (Kats??!) by The Cure.  Great song, and
one of my favourite groups to boot.  To a lesser degree, there's
also "Putting Out Fires with Gasoline" by David Bowie - the theme
song from an old '85 movie called - wait for it - "Cat People"!

Cat People? I saw a Batman ep with cat people... I swear, one of 'em looked 
'zactly like Jake would... a little less "humanized" I guess, but still 
looked a lot like Jake...

Hmm... maybe our 'Kats are finding spare jobs to pass the time while we 
hammer on tED's brain, wot? ;)

Insanity is a playground for the unimaginitive.

Aww...who told you?  Stay off the Monkey Bars.  They're all mine.

Not fair! I want the Monkey Bars too... <pouts> Okay then, I GET THE 


Insanity is a playground for the unimaginitive.