Subject: Re: Save the "Save SwatKats Petition" for a couple months...
From: chance
Date: 9/19/1996 7:46 AM

At 09:20 PM 9/18/96 -0700, Chris Tom Cimafranca wrote:
chance wrote:

(P.S.  I'm sending a bunch of Mook eps to Warners just to show them
          what it's all about.)

Chris wrote:

	YES ! YES ! YES ! YES ! YES ! YES ! YES ! YES ! YES ! YES !

	Warner Brothers 
	3000 Warner Blvd
	Burbank, Ca 91510

	Just In Case Anyone Else Wants In On This Fun ! could presumably do that with letters and such requesting the 
program's return, but it's still kinda unclear if Warners will be just nominal
head of the resulting beast, or actually "take over" Ted's operations intoto.

When the merger-thing was in "on-again, off-again" mode, the arrangement
at that time was to have Ted retain day-to-day control of things like H-B,
and be second-in-command of the megalithic Time-Warner Company in addition.
Some Warners shareholders balked at that, and it went back to the table for

Again, save your stamps until we find out who winds up holding
the keys to Turbokat.