Subject: Re: My message to the list
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 9/19/1996 5:34 PM

   If you mean "what are watcher files?"--well,  you just have to wait to
read the story.
Who are the watcher? Someone who watches alot?

    Like I said, you'll have to read the story (or watch "Highlander: The
Series") It's almost ready, BTW--I found someone for accented dialogue, and
as soon as she finishes I'll send it to Jesus/Terra/anyone who requests.

   Sorry. Never seen Babylon.

Well, you must definetly check it out if it's on your local TV station,
it's like watching a five year long movie in TV!

   Haven't had the chance yet (no pun intended)

BTW, is there an UK type thing in the kats planet?

  Never discussed, but there is a Britian (and Scotland) in "The Watcher

Ahhh..... United Kats, I think that I'm gonna make O'Neill comes from there.
   O'Neill? Are we talking about seaQuest or unreleased-fanfic characters?

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