Subject: My message to the list
From: (Edo Andromedo)
Date: 9/19/1996 2:48 PM

Dr. Jake Clawson wrote:
  I sure hope they are! "The Watcher Files of Chance Furlong" is a spoof
(not a crossover)

What is a watcher files?

   If you mean you don't know what I'm talking about, it's a fanfic I'm
currently having edited.

You told about the story in your private e-mail to me, remember?

   If you mean "what are watcher files?"--well,  you just have to wait to
read the story.

Who are the watcher? Someone who watches alot?

but it's reeealllyy close to "Highlander:The Series" while
"X-File #10-1115" is an obvious XF/SK crossover.

What?! No Katylon 5?

   Sorry. Never seen Babylon.

Well, you must definetly check it out if it's on your local TV station,
it's like watching a five year long movie in TV!

BTW, is there an UK type thing in the kats planet?

  Never discussed, but there is a Britian (and Scotland) in "The Watcher

Ahhh..... United Kats, I think that I'm gonna make O'Neill comes from there.

Subject: Re: Edo's contagious

Arthur Freda wrote:
Ok, so you've noticed I've been lurking lately, and I'm probably going to
continue to do that... here's the explaination.

       Right after Edo got over the Ted virus, I caught it. I just
somehow don't have any interest in SK anymore.

Don't worry AJ, the process CAN be reversed! Just ask Dr. Konway for the
anti virus.

Yes, Ryan, I got your letter, and
I will still be making those pictures for you, but I will no longer be
making any more hand-made copies after Ryan. I will be happy to make color
copies, though.

Don't forget a SK KISS file! Ryan want to French KISS someone.

       The FCNL? Well, I'm not quite sure whether I'm going to continue
that or not.

Well, maybe we should divide the tasks on making the FCNL. Someone who work
on the design, someone who work on the editorial, someone who work on the
graphics, someone who work on the mailing stuff, someone who......
Aarggghhh!!! We need Tortie's help!

       The SK encyclopedia? I deleted it just two days ago.

Aw crud, I guess that I have to go Solo for this.

       Will I still be on this list? Sure! If you wanna talk, just drop
me a line. I'd be happy to stay in touch.

Well, nice seeing you.

       My cel? Well, once I get a scanner, I guarantee I'll scan all my
art and my cel onto rat's site!

Yeah, after all, I can not keep grabbing all of those scenes from the
episodes using my video digitizer. I need to see something different, like
cels and fan art stuff.

Oh yeah, Dana has been scaring me a little to do some posting, so I hope
this'll come through.

Well, he assimilated all of my previous posting into one 4k message. Scary
yes, but he do it for the sake of the list.

Now, before I return to lurking, I have one more SK question to ask for

We definetly going to need a SK seiyuu page.