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Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 18:52:27 -0600
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At 06:15 PM 9/18/96 +0700, Edo Andromedo wrote:

BTW, is there an UK type thing in the kats planet?

Since Megakat City is very much like an American society, you can't JUST
consider "Is there a UK?"  There's other very big cultural influences that
makes America so unique from any other former British colony.  Is there a
Germany?  Is there an Ireland?  Is there a France, or Nigeria, or Italy, or
Sweden, or Mexico, or Canada, or Cuba, or Hungary, or Haiti, or Poland, or
Slovakia, or India, or Korea, or the Philippines...I'll stop.  Every
cultural influence is so interlocked that it would only make sense to
describe Katworld as an almost total clone of earth.  Take England for
example.  The way England is, it can't exist quite the way it is without a
history involving Wales, Normandy, Denmark, Ireland, and many other smaller
examples.  And none of those include how individuals  had had an influence
on history.  (I watch too many James Burke shows; "Connections", "The Day
the Universe Changed", "Connections2"...  That leads people to read, study
and think, and that can have devastating consequences.) =^^=

No@h Spro@t "H@rd Drive" <>