Subject: Re: The Sequel On Atlanta ! (Heh Heh Heh)
From: Chris Tom Cimafranca
Date: 9/18/1996 6:28 PM

Jesus Fernandez wrote:
2) Can I co-host the fanletter, maybe as a backup set.. just to have
those in records just in case.. or just because I really think it looks

	I Don't Mind If You Co-Host The Fanletter, I'm All Fur It !
	(Just Right Click On The Images At My Site And DL 'Em !)
	BTW Purr-sonal Page - I've Got One At My Site, It's
	Boring As Heck ! (
	But, I Could Do A Better One Fur Me Fur Your Site ! 
	Just What I Need, Another Page To Design ! =)

	BTW^2 Should I Put Up A Page Fur Action Figures / Toys
		Wish List ? (Just Thought I'd Ask) I Would Put
		It On The Main Wish List, But It's Kinda Long
		As It Is, Sigh - O - Rama !

	BTW^3 Speaking Of Pages, I'm In The Middle Of Putting
		Up More Graphics On My Site, Thanks To Rat !
		(Gonna Convert Them To Bitmap, Color Them, 
		Convert Them Back To Gif Or Jpeg Put Them
		Where They Belong, And Stuff Like That !)

	BTW^4 The War On Atlanta : The Sequel ! Well I Did
		Some More Of It, And I Want Some Opinions !
		Do You Like It So Far ? Do You Hate It So
		Far ? Are You Gonna Get Chris To Write The
		Second Act Now By Complaining About How
		He Wrote You In It ? Did I Rune You ? Are
		There Too Many Punz ? Not Enough Punz ?
		Did You Leave The Oven On ? What ?

	Chris T.(bone) Cimafranca
		 ^^^^ Yet Another Bad Pun On It's Way To -
			The War On Atlanta : The Sequel !

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