Subject: Re: The Sequel On Atlanta ! (Heh Heh Heh)
From: Jesus Fernandez
Date: 9/18/1996 5:39 PM

Chris Tom Cimafranca wrote:

SEQUEL - Well, Got Lots Of New Ideas For It, Gonna Work On It Fur
        If I Don't Post To The List Fur A Few Hours, You'll
        Know Why.

BTW - Also HTMLing The FCNL Issues 1 And 2, They'll Be Up Soon !
        (Thanks Fur Getting Me Off My Duff To Do It !)

ETC -   As To The Kats Behavour (sp) So, They Don't Act Like
        Earth Cats ? That's Because It's Not Earth ! It Could
        Be A Paralal (sp) Earth, That Would Be Interesting !
        (Someone Out There Want To Do A Sliders / SWAT Kats
         Crossover Fanfic ? Get Your Creativity Flowing !)

<jumps up and down hysterically> Oh! Oh! Me! Me!
Actually I could use this as the debut ep for those comics I said I was
gonna do as a filler until AJ gets his new 'puter and that animation
software. BTW, Ryan, two things:

1) Can I use that Robyn Alexander Dance Studio Nuke-a-thon in my story?
It's going to make a great dimension..

2) Can I co-host the fanletter, maybe as a backup set.. just to have
those in records just in case.. or just because I really think it looks

Has anyone noticed that Edo is posting now? So..

 Welcome Back - Welcome Back - Welcome Back - Welcome Back - Welcome
Back - Welcome Back - Welcome Back - Yay!

A BTW in the BTW.. I've made little SK spine pictures for my binders
(since they have that little thing you can slide stuff into..) and they
look really cool.. I'm going to post the base file I used to make it on
my site. (though there is room for improvement. I'd really like a SK
design in the background, working on it..) Next step, front and back
pages!!! BTW^3 expect a new member to the list.. and also I might house
my purr-sonal pages.. so keep on the lookout!