Subject: Re: Feline stuff
From: "Julian Ho" <>
Date: 9/18/1996 8:41 AM

Pastmaster wrote:
I've always thought Milk was some beer equivalent. That would explain why.

Perhaps there are different categories of Milk in the Kat world. Sort of
like plain soda, alcoholic soda, transparent soda, and other kind of sodas.
(*Soda in the brain. *Hic!* **** *Hic!*)

Wonder if the quality and quantity of Milk available will be affected by Dr
Viper's Giant Bacteria? :-)

************JULIAN HO < >************
"Milk... It makes a body spout." - A Cow from one of the 'Tiny Toon
Adventures' episodes. 

(Comment: Spout from the nose, that is.)

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