Subject: Re: (no particular subject)
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 9/18/1996 12:53 PM

  I sure hope they are! "The Watcher Files of Chance Furlong" is a spoof
(not a crossover)

What is a watcher files?

    If you mean you don't know what I'm talking about, it's a fanfic I'm
currently having edited.
    If you mean "what are watcher files?"--well,  you just have to wait to
read the story. 

but it's reeealllyy close to "Highlander:The Series" while
"X-File #10-1115" is an obvious XF/SK crossover.

What?! No Katylon 5?
    Sorry. Never seen Babylon.

BTW, is there an UK type thing in the kats planet?

   Never discussed, but there is a Britian (and Scotland) in "The Watcher
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