Subject: Re: Swat Kats World
From: Daniel Pawtowski
Date: 9/17/1996 12:51 PM

BTW, in "The Wrath of Dark Kat", Dark Kat says that he gonna destroy the
new Enforcer building, if that is the new one, where is the old one?

Perhaps it got stepped on by KatZillia the previous month? 
Even if nothing happened to it, then maybe the old one was simply to
small/too old/the AC didn't work right/whatever.  The new one is 
equipped with a runway and hangar on the roof, maybe a lack of such
facilities was a problem with the old one.

But Dark Kat could be working WITH somebody, somebody who has the same
purpose just like him.

  And, as per usuall supervillian conduct, each is planning on backstabbing
the other when they're no longer useful.  :-)

Note: Is it just me or the PumaDyne's scientist really says earthquake?

Actually, "Earthquake" _is_ a term used by NASA for describing seismic 
tremors on other planets or the Moon.  They're not going to tounge-tie
themselves with "Moonquake", "Marsquake", "Europaquake", etc.

Maybe because Manx doesn't want another aircraft named the Blue Manx cause
trouble to the city again, it could be a bad thing for the election.

  If a plane is sucessful, and _that's_ the only thing wrong with it,
then the company that built it is not gonna let a name problem stand in
the way of a multibillion-dollar military contract.  They spent ungodly
amounts of money in R&D to build the darned thing.  Give it a different
name and a different paint job and sell it to them in six months.

Although interestingly, it has an automatic attack mode, does Razor
programmed the mode or is it a part of the Macrobots programs?

  Dosen't look like he had time, and such things dosen't seem to be the
way the SWAT KAts operate- we've never seen the TurboKat or the
Cyclotron attack by themselves.  On the other hand, Hackle _is_ an
expert at building robots capable of independent operation (Just take
the Metalikats, for example), and the MacroBots were built on his
designs.  Chances are, the original version had an "Automatic Explore
Mode", "Automatic Return-to-Ship Mode" or some such similar peaceful
program, but PumaDyne changed it when they turned them into weapons

Maybe because that the Macrobots could be a failed invention, the bots were
design for space exploration, but PumaDyne tweaked them so that it will be
a mobile suit tank. During that modification, some of its original

The thing is, there was nothing "failed" about them.  PumaDyne built them
as walking tanks.  Irregardless of what Hackle had _wanted_ them to be,
they proved that they were very *good* walking tanks.  In minutes, they
sucessfully defeated the SWAT Kats.  Feral's been trying for _years_ to
build a tank or plane capable of that.  If Molly hadn't stupidly left 
the top hatch open on hers, they likely would have won, the TurboKat
couldn't even scratch their paint.
  As built, they certainly would have failed as space exploration units,
PumaDyne probably had to delete most of their sensor and life-support
gear to make room for all those missiles and guns.  

Maybe in the original design, it could land of its four feet (to land on
the surface of other planets) and that fall on in "Metal Urgency" could be

  A good point, as an exploration unit would be intended to climb 
mountains on other planets with different gravities, in far-off regions
where there is no chance of rescue in case of an accident.  It's certainly
possible that the original design had jump-rockets or flight thrusters,
something that PumaDyne decided wasn't necessary in the new mission of
"walking engine of destruction".  The military version is probably a 
lot heavier than the original, too, with all that extra armor.  Even
if it had the original "land on feet" mode, it might have simply been
to heavy to do it anymore.

                                              Daniel Pawtowski