Subject: Re: Songs
From: Pastmaster
Date: 9/17/1996 6:55 PM

All right, Terra's mind is goin' physco again...

Hey Terra! Havn't heard from you in a long time!
Are there any songs by any bands you've heard out there that remind you of 
the 'Kats or any eps?

That would be indefinate.

I'm curious to know...

Are there any songs that remind you of

A)One of the characters

Insert percussion song that plays in Project A-ko reminds me of Jake.
Call My Name (And I'll be there) Sailor Moon insert song (from the CD)
reminds me of Naiome (Well...;) Hold me Thrill me Kiss me Kill me by
Arosmith reminds me of T-Bone. (when I listen to music, I can't hear the
words til the 2500th time I've heard it!)  Follow Your Dreams reminds me of
B)One of the eps

The second song in the Mission Impossible (the one with only three songs)
reminds me of Dark Side of the SWAT Kats, Sara's Song from Epic Megagame's
Tyrian reminds me of Unlikly Alloys, The music from right when you start up
One Must Fall: 2097 From Epic Megagames reminds me of Wrath of Dark Kat... 
C)One of the fanfics (?? Yes, strange, but that's me!)

That's me too! It's A New Day reminds me of Midnight Magic 3 part 1, The
musical score from Project A-ko 2 reminds me of Midnight Magic 1 part 2, The
musical score from Project A-ko 1, 5, & 6 remind me of Midnight Magic 1 part
one (Music, is my main inspiration when writing a fanfic!)...
D)Just reminded me of the show, okay??
Mortal Kambat the movie songs remind of SK in general.

Any takers? <Snipped for humerous reasons>

I'll take fifty of whatever SK item you're selling!!!

Ryan "Esteban (Eh STAY bon)" Kelley
The unofficial SWAT Kat Extremist, Sailor Moon megafan, Anime fan.
Nihongo [Japanese language] o [object marker] no mane o suranaide [mimic;
imperative polite negative tense] kudasai [please].
Suwatto Katto o sukimasu yo!  [SWAT Kats like!]  (I love SWAT Kats!)