Subject: Re: Feline stuff
From: Pastmaster
Date: 9/17/1996 6:59 PM

No doubt the "milk" that Mayor
Manx and the SwatKats drink were meant to be parallels to wine and beer
respectively and likely have some alcoholic content.

Alcohol?  On a kids show?

I've always thought Milk was some beer equivalent. That would explain why
the Mayor makes stupid decisions and dosn't do paperwork!! I've thought of
many ways on trying to incorperating that aspect into my fanfics.
No, wait.  These are Kats.... there has *got* to be katnip.

There is. Remember the ep: "The Metalikats"? They have Katnip on that ep. 
Ryan "Esteban (Eh STAY bon)" Kelley
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imperative polite negative tense] kudasai [please].
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