Subject: Re: Feline stuff
From: (DJ Clawson)
Date: 9/17/1996 1:08 PM

At 08:46 PM 9/17/96 +0800, you wrote:
At 08:48 AM 9/16/96 -0600, someone wrote:

If milk and fish are so popular, I doubt they'd always be consumed in their
most plain form.  Milk could be divided into all sorts of different
products.  Drinks could include normal milk (which is as normal as water),
meat-flavored milk juices, milk sodas...  If they have cheese on Katworld,
there could be millions of different varieties of that.  I could go on...
    There is a "Kitty Kola" company. You can see it when Pastie takes his
little helicopter ride in the beginning of "The Past. Always Rings Twice"
and there's a downward shot. It's a neon sign above a building.

I concur with the general idea (although meat-flavoured milk juices sounds
rather extreme ...)

    I'll agree on that.

I kind of thought of milk as an analogous to grape juice:
It's great in it's most basic state, but there's a whole bunch of things you
can do with it, like make wine out of it. No doubt the "milk" that Mayor
Manx and the SwatKats drink were meant to be parallels to wine and beer
respectively and likely have some alcoholic content.

    There's also a scene in "Ci-kat-ta" I believe, where the Mayor Manx and
those Japanese dealer guys are driving up to Megakat Tower (I think it's
just before they get slimed) and you can see there's a wine-type bottle in
the limo, though the label reads "milk." You can assume what you want, but I
think that label was done for two reasons : 1) you just can't have alcohol
on kid shows, and everyone wanted to be sure there was no confusion as to
the contents of that bottle. 2) It was another attempt to "katatize" the
show as I like to put it--taking human things and adjusting them to a more
"cat-like" atmosphere. Same thing with the concept of "a six pack of milk."
The latter was successful, it was a nice little theme, but others failed
(litter box in the sky? Gimme a break).

I'm under the impression that Kats behave more like humans with respects to
grooming, although licking seems to be perfectly acceptable. Chance licks
his paw and runs it through his "hair" to look presentable when Callie went
to drop off her car for repairs in The Giant Bacteria for example, and
likely the furballs arise from that.

    Again, inconsistencies with "katatizing" the show could lead us anywhere
in conversations like this. It's really a shame there weren't some more
stuff (in my opinion, they just acted *too* human, like those Mighty Ducks),
though it's only good when it's thought out; sometimes it's not.

They probably lick their wounds too
although I really can't picture Jake and Chance giving each other tongue baths!

    Ugh . . . <DJ cringes>

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