Subject: Re: A reply to kats-digest V1 #16
From: Daniel Pawtowski
Date: 9/17/1996 12:11 PM

The dead kats that the Pastmaster revives in "The Pastmaster Always Ring
Twice" have bones for ears, the Red Lynx himself has bones for his ears.,
even the skeletons in "Caverns of Horror" have bones for ears.

  Exactly. There is the problem that the artists don't want to
show human skulls, since everybody is supposed to be a kat.  Unfortunately,
at the relatively low resolution of this show, there isn't much difference
between a Kat face and a human one if you delete the fur and the ears.
So they leave the ears on for skeletons.  I can see the reasoning they

It was design to entertain the viewers, not to give them some complex plot
that will probably take five years to finish it. The same also goes for

  I'm most put off by the blatent errors and mis-uses of hardware in ID4.

"When Strikes Mutilor", only that it was given 23 minutes.

 "Mutilor" _did_ manage to fit in a more believable story in only 23
minutes.  If they managed to do it, why couldn't a big-budget film 
at least _try_?  Best suggestion I've heard would have been to make
a movie out of "Footfall".  Same concept, same thrill-a-minute ride
(Delete some of the middle bits), same SFX bonanza, simplistic plot,
much more believeable.

Well, we have been talking about this in SPACED, and the biggest plot hole
is probably when they uploaded the virus into the aliens' computer.

Heck, that's almost minor.  Engaging a 15-mile wide target with _F-18_'s
armed with _AMRAAMs_???  Closing to within _visual range_ of said
target?  Wrong plane, wrong weapon, wrong tactics.  The Air Force isn't
_that_ stupid.  

                                                 Daniel Pawtowski