Subject: Kat stuff, various (listmail replies)
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 9/17/1996 11:14 AM

Simon:  No doubt the "milk" that Mayor Manx and the SwatKats drink were
	meant to be parallels to wine and beer respectively and likely
	have some alcoholic content.

Spiked milk is likely a possibility, tho the milk that Jake and Chance
drink could equally have been more like soda, too.

	It's certainly possible that Kats use somekind of organisms
	capable of converting lactose to alcohol through fermentation.

Except that fermenting milk would likely sour it, and at least one of
the two (Jake) isn't particularly fond of the smell of sour milk (cf.
"Destructive Nature" when he says that "I'm trying to save this place
from the smell of sour milk!").

	[Kats] probably lick their wounds too although I really can't
	picture Jake and Chance giving each other tongue baths!

I'd say that's a bit extreme, too...  but licking wounds isn't something
just limited to Kats.  Saliva helps a bit as an emergency painkiller,
such as if you cut your finger.  

Edo:  	BTW, in "The Wrath of Dark Kat", Dark Kat says that he gonna
	destroy the new Enforcer building, if that is the new one,
	where is the old one?

I don't think we ever know about the old one because the whole scenario
is a flashback to begin with.  More than likely the old Enforcer building
was either in a different part of the city (smaller office, maybe?) or
was where the new one is (the old one was torn down or remodeled, and
the Enforcers may have been temporarily displaced during that time).

	I guess that the reason Feral hate the SWAT Kats is because
	that they are doing HIS jobs.

Not just that, but frequently they manage to succeed where the Enforcers
fail.  As Molly Mange so aptly put it, "those two fighter jocks make
[Feral] look stupid at least once a week!"

	How does someone (re)build a TurboKat?

Given the technology level in Megakat City plus the amount of military
salvage available to Jake and Chance, building (and rebuilding)
something like the Turbokat probably isn't very difficult -- time-
consuming, perhaps, but not difficult.

packrat:  Er, does this mean cross-overs aren't allowed?

They are on here, as long as they involve the Kats.  I'm not that rigid
about what's on-topic and what isn't...  in other words, anything 
involving the Kats, even if you mix in anything else, is more than 
on-topic.  I'd say that for parodies more, whether or not they're in
good taste would matter first, whether or not they're on-topic second.

A residual comment about bare feet versus footwear -- T-Bone and Razor
not having any footwear when they're in uniform has had its advantages,
most notably for Razor when he saved Callie in "Destructive Nature."
In climbing the vine up the elevator shaft in Megakat Towers, Razor
used both his hands and feet to grab onto the vine.

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