Subject: administrata...
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 9/16/1996 10:35 PM

A few of you, especially those who may have just joined the list,
may have been wondering what happened to the "Reply-To:" headers
that were previously on postings to the list (they still remain on
the headers for the digest).  I've purposely removed them as it seems
as though, especially with the previous list at, postings
that should have been private email were sent to the list.  Since the
list was not moderated, the result was a lot more noise than what I
thought the list should contain.

Now we've got a moderated list.  At times it's hard for me to be
sure that what appears to be off-topic material isn't simply just
missent email, so it's easier just to remove the "Reply-To" headers.

>From my experience, it's a lot easier to reroute email to the list
than vice versa.  You can either "reply to all," which will include the
list, or (what I frequently use) "forward" mail over to the list. 
How you do this will depend on which mail program utility you use.

This, btw, does not just apply to this list.  I know this is followed
on the Disney TV Animation mailing list, another list that I'm on,
and as far as I can tell nobody's been complaining there.

Questions about this to me in email; do NOT post to the list.

Back to your regularly scheduled listmail.

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