Subject: Re: SWAT Kats : Movie, Live Action Or Animated ?
From: "Julian Ho" <>
Date: 9/16/1996 3:45 AM

Daniel Pawtowski wrote:
  ID4 was a nice action flick, but it was just so mind-boggleingly
vacuum-headed.  See any of a wide number of threads on the various Usenet
SF groups over the summer, that movie had some of the biggest holes
in plot, logic, and military tactics that I've ever heard of.
I'm not going to get into them here, it's off-topic.

Try imagining the entire Megakat City being leveled in a few minutes! No
more super-villains! (That is if they survived...) No more SWAT Kats!
(*Boo! Hiss!* Lynch him!)

Sorry... :-)
IMHO I think the most likely candidates to survive are:
- T-Bone
- Razor
- Callie
- Cmdr Feral
- Felina
- Dr Sianian
- Mayor Manx (Unfortunately, due to the intervention of Callie)
- Ann Gora
- Some villains, I don't know who but it'll be nice to see the SWAT Kats
and the super villains team up to fight a common enemy.


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