Subject: Re: Kats, Cats, felines...
From: Jesus Fernandez
Date: 9/16/1996 7:30 PM

Daniel Pawtowski wrote:

sucking.'  One assumes _that_ would be thought of as a bad habit in a
similar way to fingernail chewing in kat society.  There are hairballs,

  Hmm.  I guess that would be "fingerclaw", as Kats likely don't have
fingernails.  They're just a poor remnant of the claws that we humans
lost a long time ago.  Admittedly, I do recall comments about "having my
nails done" on the show. Chalk up stuff like that to a writer not
paying enough attention to anatomy.  It's a kids show, such minor slips
are acceptable.

Turmoil's claws are done.. in a shade of red, remember when she says
"I'll know you'll see it my way.."?
Also, Turmoil's claws have more of a resemblence to human nails than the
other characters I've seen.

   I suppose one could speculate that a Kat flashing claws is somewhat
similar to a human baring teeth or pulling a knife.  Not done in "polite"
society, but commonly used as a built-in utility tool (one generally
dosen't whip out a Swiss Army Knife and start opening packages at a
formal dinner party, either).

Of course... but it is seen that Razor opens a can of milk with his
claws.. BTW, do kittens have retactable claws? 

  Hmm.  I wonder if things like nail polish work on retractable claws?
Anybody know what a conventional cat thinks if it's done to them?

See my comment on Turmoil above...
        Has anyone brought up scratching posts or how appropriate using

  I do recall T-Bone remarking about somebody looking "like an old
scratching post" when describing someone who had gotten pounded.
Can't recall the exact wording or an episode, though.  It's easy enough
to imagien that Kats have developed claw-trimming devices for hygene the
same way humans have nail clippers and emery boards.

True.. then they would have to have TV commercials like "it's the Claw
Trimmer 2000x able to blah and blah blah!" or maybe in a Kat version of
the Sharper (noooo! a bad pun!) Image catalog.

  So... how _would_ a Kat react to an electric razor?  *ouch*

Hmm, I wonder what is a Kat's morning schedule? What would kats consider
breakfast food?
PS: who is hosting the SK newsletter? I heard that Chris is, can someone
please fill me in again?