Subject: Re: Kats, Cats, felines...
From: (Michael J. Rider)
Date: 9/16/1996 3:18 PM

In a message dated 8:48 AM 9/16/96, Hard Drive wrote:

Maybe civilized kats don't really lick themselves to get clean; perhaps they
don't put themselves in the situation of hair-shedding.  Maybe they use a
process that combines showering with the use of body combs and brushes,
removing all loose hairs before they fall out on the sidewalk.  Fur-licking
could be considered a somewhat of a bad habit, like biting nails instead of
manicuring them.

In a message dated 5:54 PM 9/16/96, Dr. Samuel Conway wrote:

Daniel made a very convincing argument in favor of kats grooming
themselves with their tongues -- that is the chief source of hairballs.
I like the notion that this is done commonly, just not in public.  There
are all SORTS of things that we as humans do, but not in public.

        The only other source of hairballs in cats I can think of is 'wool
sucking.'  One assumes _that_ would be thought of as a bad habit in a
similar way to fingernail chewing in kat society.  There are hairballs,
therefore there is fur licking.  <hack>  <hack>  Mutual grooming might be
interesting too.  Of course that would look really peculiar to a general
audience if it were used in an episode.  Might give it an R rating too.  ;)
        Has anyone brought up scratching posts or how appropriate using
claws in public is?  They're bound to come in handy opening packages.

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