Subject: Re: Kats, Cats, felines...
From: (Michael J. Rider)
Date: 9/16/1996 5:47 PM

In a message dated 5:23 PM 9/16/96, Hard Drive wrote:

[about kat klaws]
but they would have tools to sharpen their claws.  Also, scratching is a
cat's way of marking territory.  I think kats are far too civilized to do
that.  As for mutual grooming, I think kats are too civilized and have on
the most part outgrown that practice. =^^=

        I was really thinking of the utilitarian uses of claws.  Just like
having a built-in box cutter.  That would make criminals more difficult to
deal with too.  Would (Eep!) de-clawing be used as a punishment for chronic
criminals?  Maybe.
        There are more ways a cat marks territory than just scratching
trees (couches, desks, curtains).  Of course they would be impractical in
any advanced civilization.  Are fences and national borders any less a way
of marking territory?  There are obviously both in the Kats world.  Kats
wouldn't use stratch and scent marks any more than humans do.  They'd use
fences, treaties and deeds.
        Outgrown?!  I don't believe any species would 'outgrow' being
affectionate.  You're thinking of Vulcan Kats maybe?

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