Subject: Re: Kats, Cats, felines... (fwd)
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 9/16/1996 5:45 PM

Daniel Pawtowski writes:
 So... how _would_ a Kat react to an electric razor?  *ouch*

Heh.  This is one I can't pass up a comment on.  <grin>
How would Razor react to his namesake?  I remember a friend doing a
sketch for me where he's got Razor holding up an electric shaver,
revving it and saying, "Shave *this*, Norelco!"

But seriously, you never know...  remember that in "The Dark Side Of
The SWAT Kats" Razor actually taunts Commander Feral about "forgetting
to shave this morning".

I imagine Kats would react more to epiladies than razors.  <snicker>

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