Subject: Re: Feline stuff
From: Hard Drive
Date: 9/16/1996 7:48 AM

At 10:36 PM 9/15/96 -0700, Dana Uehara wrote:
- Both Kats and cats tend to get the occasional furball and both
 apparently use litterboxes (we've never really seen any toilets in
 Megakat City, and Megakat Litter seems to be a rather bustling

Maybe civilized kats don't really lick themselves to get clean; perhaps they
don't put themselves in the situation of hair-shedding.  Maybe they use a
process that combines showering with the use of body combs and brushes,
removing all loose hairs before they fall out on the sidewalk.  Fur-licking
could be considered a somewhat of a bad habit, like biting nails instead of
manicuring them.

- Kats and cats have very similar preferences in terms of food and
 drink (fish, milk).  I imagine the 'got milk?' commercials must
 be *really* popular on Megakat TV.  <grin>

If milk and fish are so popular, I doubt they'd always be consumed in their
most plain form.  Milk could be divided into all sorts of different
products.  Drinks could include normal milk (which is as normal as water),
meat-flavored milk juices, milk sodas...  If they have cheese on Katworld,
there could be millions of different varieties of that.  I could go on...

Among the differences (in addition to those already mentioned):

- Kats stand plantigrade, like humans (on the soles of their feet).
 Cats stand digitigrade (on the pads, but not soles, of their feet).

Kats COULD be designed to walk digitigrade, but probably choose not to.  (I
as a REAL person in the REAL world never walk on the soles of my feet when
I'm not wearing shoes; I've always had really strong arches.)

- Cats are prone to frequent grooming, but we don't really see this with
 Kats (or maybe it does happen in MKC, only we don't see it).

See my first comment.

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