Subject: Kats, Cats, felines...
From: "Dr. Samuel Conway" <>
Date: 9/16/1996 2:54 PM
To: wrote:
Has anyone noticed that the Kats don't really act like our cats?
Ex.  Our cats can swivel their ears independly to help pick up
independent sounds.  I've never seen the Kats do that...

I find this just a tad disappointing; myself, I would like to see
the kats act like something more than humans with fur.  Now, I'm not
sure if it was my imagination or not, but didn't we hear Razor purr
at one point?  Wishful thinking?

Then hard drive wrote:
That's okay; I do too.  Sometimes I wonder why some kats wear shoes and why
some don't, and under what circumstances they make these choices.

We had this thread a while ago.  I think that if I had claws on my toes,
I would prefer to keep my feet bare, so that I could use them for climbing
and fighting, and so I wouldn't shred my expensive shoes.  But then,
others might want to wear shoes for a fashion statement, or for protec-

After all, Bruce Lee didn't wear shoes, but everyone else in Hong Kong did.

Then Zax wrote:
Remerber the literal defination: antro [human], morphic [to change].
"To change into human".

*SLAP*!  Shame on you!  Anthro = human, yes.
"Morphic", from "Morphos", meaning "shape".  Anthropomorphic:  human shape.

"Morph" has only recently been used as a slang term for "transformation".

Then Dana wrote:
On Kat ears:  Kat ears seem to be made of bone.  If they were made of
cartilage, as cats' ears are, they'd decompose with the body (and
skeletons show feline ears on the top of the skulls -- tho *this* can
likely be easily explained by noting that if the skulls didn't have
the ears on top of them, they'd look more human than katlike).

Bingo.  It is most easily explained by an animation company that feels
the audience  would not recognize the skeletons as those of kats if they
did not have ears on them.

Daniel made a very convincing argument in favor of kats grooming
themselves with their tongues -- that is the chief source of hairballs.
I like the notion that this is done commonly, just not in public.  There
are all SORTS of things that we as humans do, but not in public.

Ever watched a cat do something that you WISHED you could do, but would
likely never do in public?

Oh, dear.  I think it must be late.  Good night, everybody!

Dr. Samuel Konway
Senior What Made Me Say That Chemist
Avid Therapeutics
Philadelphia, PA

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