Subject: SWAT Kats : Movie, Live Action Or Animated ?
From: Chris Tom Cimafranca
Date: 9/15/1996 9:09 PM

Well, We've Seen The Live Action Movie, It's Called
	ID4 ! (Independance Day !)

	Jeff Goldblumb (sp) Plays Razor =)
	Will Smith Plays T-Bone =)

	Next Time You Watch It, Just Imagine Everyone As Kats !
	(Loads Of Fun, Everyone Should Try It !)

	So The Movie Should Be Animated, And It Should Be
	Taditional Animation, No Computers And Stuff Like
	That, Unless Absolutly Neccasary !
	(Computer Read-Outs And Junk Like That !)

	Chris T.(bone) Cimafranca
		 ^^^^ Yeah, This Post Is Very Late Into The
			Discussion Over This Whole Thing =)
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