Subject: Re: Kats or Cats?
From: Hard Drive
Date: 9/15/1996 5:23 PM

At 05:40 PM 9/15/96 -0500, T-Bone wrote:
Has anyone noticed that the Kats don't really act like our cats?  I mean
assuming that our cats were an early evolutionary step wouldn't they
have at least kept some of the same adaptations or habits?
Ex.  Our cats can swivel their ears independly to help pick up
independent sounds.  I've never seen the Kats do that...  Aw well.
Maybe I just have too much free time.....

That's okay; I do too.  Sometimes I wonder why some kats wear shoes and why
some don't, and under what circumstances they make these choices.  I also
wonder if there's some conspiracy to annoy people by subjecting them to
seeing Callie's hideous eyebrows. =~~=

Noah Sproat "Hard Drive" <>