Subject: Re: Kats or Cats?
From: Daniel Pawtowski
Date: 9/15/1996 5:42 PM

Ex.  Our cats can swivel their ears independly to help pick up
independent sounds.  I've never seen the Kats do that...  Aw well.

  Well, if you look at the times we've seen animated Kat-skeltons or 
somebody's gone thru an X-ray machine, you'll notice they have _bones_
up in their ears.  Terran cats don't.
  Heck, in a pseudo-story of my own (actually an email RPG), Felena keeps
getting puzzled about why humans seem to think of felinoids as some
sort of jungle fighters- "We're the civilized ones.  It's you *apes*
who were swinging from trees and ripping primitive Cave-Kats limb from
limb a million years ago."  She got puzzled as heck when she once saw
a 'Planet of the Apes' movie.  (For that matter, she's convinced ID4 is
a cheap ripoff.  "_Computer virus?_  HA!  I *rammed* the alien bridge  
with my saucer!")

                                                Daniel Pawtowski