Subject: Feline stuff
From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 9/15/1996 10:36 PM

Zax queries as to whether or not will accept parodies.
Since that newsgroup is unmoderated, I don't see any reason why not.
Parodies are also welcome on the list, provided they're in reasonably
good taste and as much on-topic as possible.

On Kats versus cats:  Kats seem to be evolved cats, where the two share
some traits but are different in others.  Consider the similarities:

- Kats and cats have similar facial structures, tails and retractable
  claws (tho those on Kat feet don't appear retractable).

- Both Kats and cats tend to get the occasional furball and both
  apparently use litterboxes (we've never really seen any toilets in
  Megakat City, and Megakat Litter seems to be a rather bustling

- Kats and cats have very similar preferences in terms of food and
  drink (fish, milk).  I imagine the 'got milk?' commercials must
  be *really* popular on Megakat TV.  <grin>

Among the differences (in addition to those already mentioned):

- Kats stand plantigrade, like humans (on the soles of their feet).
  Cats stand digitigrade (on the pads, but not soles, of their feet).

- Cats are prone to frequent grooming, but we don't really see this with
  Kats (or maybe it does happen in MKC, only we don't see it).

On Kat ears:  Kat ears seem to be made of bone.  If they were made of
cartilage, as cats' ears are, they'd decompose with the body (and
skeletons show feline ears on the top of the skulls -- tho *this* can
likely be easily explained by noting that if the skulls didn't have
the ears on top of them, they'd look more human than katlike).

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