Subject: Re: Swat Kats World
From: Daniel Pawtowski
Date: 9/14/1996 3:20 PM

Kats in MKC seem to have a lot more civil rights than this would lead us to
believe.  Maybe the Enforcers are a lot softer than they were decades ago.

That was about what I was thinking, too- things became more civil once
the city got it together.  I suppose that is one possible explanation 
for Feral's attitude problems, he's too used to the days when the
entire city *did* tremble at his voice.

If this theory is true, Dark Kat and Turmoil might be the only ones that
would fit into it.  But if MKC is at cold war with another country, it must
be pretty subtle.

Yeah, such things would generally be kinda blatent.  For that matter, I  
can't see Dark Kat working for _anybody_.  On the other hand, I could 
see him as manipulating some other country into making them *think* he's
working for then, when his real plan is to play both sides against 
each other and emerge as conquerer of both.
  Hmm.  I suppose one could try and use that as an explanation about why
Enforcer equipment and vehicles seem so worthless- they're all top-line
military hardware, from 30 years ago, they haven't been able to get
upgraded gear since MKC became sucessfull.  The TurboKat, for instance,
is made of junked pieces of much more modern aircraft (plus the standard
assumption that Razor managed to build a plane that was superior to the
sum of it's parts).  Every so often, somebody pulls off a political 
miracle and manages to obtain better gear (The Blue Manx, the Behemoth), but
they have a tendency to be destroyed by supervillians before they can
be used.
  Admittedly, most of that theory falls apart if you consider that the
most advanced weapons-development lab on the planet (i.e., PumaDyne), 
is located in MKC.  I got the impression that the Blue Manx was produced
elsewhere and was purchased by the Enforcers, but it was definately 
stated that the Behemoth and the MacroBots were locally designed and
built.  I wonder if there's some other air force on the planet flying
squadrons of the things under a different name?
  Hmm... so, why aren't any of these superweapons ever put into production?
Theory time... If the Blue Manx really did come from outside MKC, it's
possible that they were unable to reproduce whatever actions lead to the
aquisition of the first one.  As for the Behemoth...well, the SWAT Kats
effectively destroyed it in about two minutes.  That looks awfully bad
to the MKC Budget Board- "What?  It costs ten times more than a standard
tank, but they *still* took it out with one missile?  No!  You can't have
another one!"  The MacroBots proved to be effective, even the SWAT Kats
found that the only way to stop one was with another one.  Maybe Prof. Hackle
(however you spell the name) raised enough cain about the mis-use
of his inventions that PumaDyne dosen't dare build another one for legal
  And no, don't stare at any of these rambling too hard, they've still
got logic holes large enough to drop a Megasarous through.  :-)

                                        Daniel Pawtowski