Subject: Re: Swat Kats World
From: Zax
Date: 9/14/1996 6:06 PM

As it is shown in practically all comics, supervillians are products of
the heros who fight them.  How id metropolis or Gotham survive before
Superman or Batman came along.

Note the eps, practically all of the SV in SwatKats were created through
the intervention of the SKs themselves.  

Bigger question: are there other superheros in MKC besides the Swatkats?

Even Bigger question: would accpet parodies?

I was thinking of the "TwitKat!"  (with Bonehead, Loser, Dep mayor Callus
Brat, chief Ferrett, Mayor Stanx, reporter Aye Beggora, and the
supervillian: "the Message Poster".

(excuse that last part, just thinking out loud)