From: (Dana Uehara)
Date: 9/13/1996 8:12 PM

A few odds and ends to finish off the week...

Packrat (aka T-Bone):  
I don't want to get into another arguement about who is better (tho
personally I think it's me!).  Jake and I each have our different
strengths that compliment each other, and we work together (even tho I
could kick his tail easily!).  Jake does not lead the team.

I doubt if I can say who is the *better* of the two, but as far as the
series goes, Jake/Razor is substantially more dynamic in terms of
character development.  He's had a whole episode to himself ("Razor's
Edge"), while the most that T-Bone's had has been the equivalent of
half an episode ("Cry Turmoil").  And T-Bone fans should consider
themselves lucky that he even had *that* since T-Bone wasn't even the
intended target kat in the original script for "Cry Turmoil" (it was
Commander Feral).

Hard Drive:
My point is that Katworld may not be that different from Earth. =^^=

Probably not; however, I don't think Megakat City is based on a *single*
city either, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York.

Doc Konway:
Kats don't like water.

Umm, are you sure about that?  I'd say the existence of Megakat State
Beach and the surfer kats would indicate just the opposite (tho perhaps
those are more like tigers and fishing cats than normal house cats).
I doubt Anakata Island would be populated either if kats were really
that hydrophobic.   <g>

    BTW, on the issue of Edo, <is he still on the list?> ...

Edo never rejoined the list, to the best of my knowledge.  Why?  That's
one question I can't answer.

In other news, I caught an episode of Gargoyles last Saturday and noticed
that at least part of the animation was done by Hanho Heung-Up (possibly
inbetweener-type work).  If the Kats had been fully animated by Mook,
with some of the extra work sent out to HHU, who knows what the series
might have been like?  <shrug>