Subject: Re: SK video game?
From: mweb
Date: 9/13/1996 6:12 PM

Does anyone kno what the SK video game for SNES is like?  Is it a flying
game (like Pilot Wings?) or is it like Mario?

I haven't played it, but Nintendo Power and Game Players magazines both said
it was crap.

I wouldn't call it crap.  I've seen worse.
But it is your usual side-scrolling platform game in which you can either be
Razor (more agile & quicker, but not a strong) or T-Bone (stronger, but not
as quick).  When you finish stages of the game, you fight the "boss" monster
(in Mode 7 - graphics similar to the 3D & quick movement of Doom).  The Mode
7 stuff is really cool!  You sorta "fly" the turbokat & shoot at the "boss"
monster until it's destroyed.

If you're a big Kats fan, it's a must have!

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