Subject: About Edo (and the Ultraplex)
From: Jesus Fernandez
Date: 9/13/1996 7:26 PM

All of you that have links to the Ultraplex at:
Please change those to:
Though both links will work.. penicillin is anti-bacterial! (it's also a
bit faster)
As you may have noticed, The Ultraplex is under remodelmentary changes
(I made up a word! Yay!)
Take a look! 

     BTW, on the issue of Edo, <is he still on the list?> There are
recent posts by him on the newsgroup. He seems really bent on not
hosting his site anymore. I have _never_ever_ been bored by his posts,
never seen him get offended at all (or have been offended by him!), DEFS
NOT A BANDWIDTH WASTER! I still don't understand.. I've read over all
the posts that Edo wrote to BOTH mailing lists (ever since AJ's news
about making his own SK eps..) and it is clear he has changed. (If Edo's
still here..) Webmastering isn't something you can sit in a computer and
say I can or I can't, like most things in life a good Webmaster has to
earn the experience as she/he learns more, it is twofold when trying to
do a one-man-show (Sites maintained by one person.) 
     Edo is like any one of us kats in our little tightbanded community.
He is as valuable as you, me, the newbies, the vets, the bright, the
creative, or any other kat (or person, in fact.). To me he belongs here
as much as everyone else. Also, I was raised to accept that all decent
people are worth twice their wieght in gold.